Thursday, February 26, 2009

$5/$20 CVS Brand Coupons

I just got back from CVS where I procured two bottles of DayQuil for my dad at the cost of negative $3. More on that transaction in a moment.
When I scanned my card and my husband's card at the coupon printer, each time I received a coupon for $5 off a $20 purchase of CVS brand items.
At first I thought they were for $5 off ANY $20 purchase, and I got very, very excited, because I have never seen better than $5/$25, and lately they seem to be only giving out $5/$30. Also because I am a huge dork.
Oh well, I can use one of the next week -- buying Playskool diapers and wipes, which are a CVS brand and are part of a "spend $20, get 5ECBs offer." I think we are almost out of wipes.
So, about my DayQuil transaction. I used the $5/$30 coupon I got in today's email, and here's what I got:

2 DaAyQuil $ 9.98 (paid 5ECBs)
2 ReNuzit air fresheners* $11.00 (paid 4ECBs)
1 Gamer razor 8.00 (paid 4ECBs)
2 Triscuits 3.99
(about) 33.00
minus coupons 23.00
( 5.00 $5/$30
3.00 2 x $1.50/1 DayQuil MQ
1.00 CVS cold medicine Q
8.00 2 x $4/1 Renuzit MQ
4.00 Gamer MQ
2.00 $2/2 Triscuit MQ)
my total: 10.00 + tax, paid 10ECBs and 55 cents out of pocket
received 13ECBs back (4/4/5)


Becky said...

Awesome. So there's a diaper deal coming up? I am dangerously close to having to pay real money for diapers. How did I get here?

Emily with an M said...

I try to be a good CVS shopper but you just surprised me with something I was missing out on. Where / what is the coupon printer? Is that in every store? I shop at the CVS in Galewood on Harlem and the other in River Forest on North Ave. & Thatcher. Are the printers only at select stores? Hmmm....

Carrie said...

Emily -- They put these machines in most stores just in the past year, so I'm sure there are stores they haven't gotten to yet. I hope you get one soon because they are great! The machine is a price scanner, so you can use it to verify prices which is also very handy, and then if you scan the barcode of your Extra Care card, it will spit out coupons. The same type things you get at the end of your receipt, except you don't have to buy anything. Nice because occasionally I have gone in to do a planned transaction, but ended up getting a coupon first that made the deal even sweeter.

Emily with an M said...

Ak! I think both stores have that! Score- I'll try it out next trip. Thanks!