Wednesday, February 18, 2009

12 Oz. Organic Coffee for UNDER FIVE BUCKS!

Now that I have gotten us on organics for most of the important produce, my next goal is to switch to organic coffee. Unfortunately, I have THIRTEEN BAGS of whole-bean coffee sitting in my refrigerator. Can you believe that? First I stocked up using coupons during an 8 O'Clock coffee sale, then I grabbed a bunch of no-name coffee out of the Jewel clearance cart one day, then we got several bags for Xmas, then our order from our kid's preschool fundraiser came in (OK that stuff at least is organic.).
But if I WERE ready to stock up on organic coffee, I would be jumping for this deal in an instant. If the stuff weren't already ground, I might even have gone for it right now:
Three 12-oz. cans of Altura Cafe coffee at Amazon for $12.99. $4.33 per can! That's less than I usually pay for conventional coffee on sale.
To get this deal, order the Altura Cafe coffee using this coupon code: FBCLEVNT.
Supposedly, you could even get an extra 15% off and free shipping by doing this through Subscribe & Save. I have successfully combined S&S with coupon codes before, but with this order I am having trouble getting that last 15% to show up. But at least I definitely see free shipping this way. Here are the instructions for using both the coupon code and Subscribe & Save:
(You can easily cancel the recurring order as soon as you're done.)
Here are the exact steps you need to go through to get this deal:
1) In the blue box on the upper right of the product page, you sould see the the Subscribe and Save option. Choose the quantity you want to order. Then select how often you want to schedule delivery (you can cancel this when you're done, but it's how you get that extra 15% off). I usually pick 6 months to give me plenty of time to cancel the order.
2) Hit Subscribe Now, and it will take you to the page where sign in, then where you select which shipping address you want to use, and the next one where you select or enter your credit card. Keep clicking through -- don't worry, the purchase won't be final until you say it is. (And if you accidentally finalize, it's pretty easy to cancel an Amazon order.)
3) When you get to the "total" page, you SHOULD see your price for the 3 cans is down to about $18. You should also see that the shipping charge has been credited.
4) NOW put the coupon code FBCLEVNT in the coupon code space in the right margin. Hit activate and you should see another 40% come off the price (I think this would reduce it to less than $10. Sweet!)