Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why I Spent This Evening Cleaning

Guess what? This blog finally got noticed by some major media. OK, actually I got contacted because the reporter in question saw one of my posts on Wise Bread, but anyway tomorrow a photographer is coming over and will try to hit Jewel with the kids and me for a little Catalina shopping on the last day of the deal. I say try because a) I don't know how bad the snow will be by 10 a.m. and b) as of now the kids are still a little bit sick and I'm not 100% confident they'll both be well enough to drag to the store and c) retail stores are notorious for kicking out photogs.

Because I want to make that trip in-and-out before they have a chance to kick the guy out, I planned out my purchases. Here's what I'm buying:

Register Prices
progresso 2.80 x 8 = $22.40
pampers x 1 = 12.49

What I Will Pay
I pay $2 x 8 = 16.00
- 3.00 mqs
23.00, get back $15

My Real Cost = $8 for 8 cans progresso, 1 pack pampers

Since I have now planned out my very last trip for this Catalina deal, I can tell you in advance that I spent $162.91 on all the stuff I got, and got back $130 in Cats. So I spent $32.91 on seven packs of Pampers, more than 20 boxes of cereal, countless cans of soup and much, much more. Not all of my expenditures were out of pocket, since I did roll some, though not all, of the Cats. I'll take the pic tomorrow -- in fact that's one of the things the photographer may shoot me doing -- setting up my "grocery porn" shot. And of course I'll link to and tell you all about the article when it runs. It's not going to be all about me but getting in the photo is a very good sign that I'll be mentioned prominently enough to merit a mention of the blogs I write for.


Sue said...

congrats!! I love your site!