Thursday, January 29, 2009

Supplementing the Netflix Queue

At some point in our Netflix subscription, Netflix decided that people with the minimum package paying $5 bucks a month should have a limit of 2 movies per month. I didn't notice them sending me any notification of this change, but to be fair maybe they did and it ended up in a Spam folder.

At any rate, $2.50 a movie isn't that good a deal, although it is still convenient to have them delivered by mail. In the long run, we'll probably quit Netflix because the Jewel just a few blocks away just put in a Redbox, and we all know you can get Redbox movies totally free.

The only reason we haven't cancelled so far is that I have been watching past seasons of 30 Rock on the streaming service that comes along with the Netflix subscription. As soon as I get caught up with 30 Rock, we'll probably quit.

In the meantime, since it's winter, I'm pregnant and tired, and we've been feeling like sitting around watching videos more than usual, I've been finding ways to supplement our Netflix diet. We don't have cable, so unless it's a special night (i.e., "Grey's Anatomy" night), there's not much of interest on the regular tube:

1) This is where we watch the "Daily Show" most nights, and this site also has plenty of other TV episodes. I'll turn on some "Family Guy" or whatnot to pass the time while I'm putting away laundry.

2) The aforementioned RedBox

3) Since RedBox doesn't have that wide a variety, I was happy to see that you can get Indie movies streaming on Amazon, many for just 99 cents. I'm all over that.


Becky said...

I haven't had netflix for a while. How many movies can you stream a month? Still just two?

Carrie said...

The $5 plan gives you 5 hours a month.

CJ Sime said...

Thank you for the Hulu tip! I had never heard of it. Thank you!

Tonyia said...

Can you post again or link me to the previous post about free redbox movies? Thanks,