Monday, January 26, 2009

Shopping Jan. 21-27

I spent more than $80 this week, but only because I had all those Catalinas at Jewel that were going to expire so I did a little stocking up there, borrowing from next week's budget. Now, it's true that I didn't spend cash out of my pocket when I spent those Catalinas, but that's the way I calculate Catalina savings -- I deduct the coupons from my spending when I first get them, and then later I treat them as if I was spending cash.

Speaking of Catalinas, I wrote a post on Wise Bread explaining those this weekend.

Back to my week's groceries. I spent $85 at Jewel and $20 at Dominick's. I wouldn't say there were any thrilling highlights. I got a lot of bananas at 39 cents a pound and thought I'd have to make banana bread, but the girls have been eating them right up. I could have bought even more. Lots of cheese at $1.50/8 oz., my normal "buy" price but nothing to dance in the streets about. Oh, I got some beef shanks half price at Dominick's ($1.50 a pound, about to expire) and made them in the slow cooker with a packet of Lipton's onion soup mix -- a filler from one of those Catalina stockpiles from the fall. I added in some Penzy's Northwoods spice blend and a can of tomatoes and the family loved it. I also got a half price ham at Dominick's that isn't expired yet so I will cook that this coming week.

We are so stocked up on nonperishables and meat that I will be able to spend nearly everything -- well, the $50 I'll have to spend -- next week on organic produce at TJs.

And none too soon. I need potatoes, all kinds of vegetables, flour, peanut butter, pretty much everything.