Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopping Jan. 14 - 20

After my crazy Catalina week last week I did not feel much like shopping this week. So I was very glad that I was able to pick up everything we needed during a Super Target run with the whole family on Saturday. I was also thrilled to discover that my local Super Target (in Broadview, IL) is carrying hormone- and antibiotic-free beef and chicken for UNDER $4 A POUND. Some of the packages I bought (the 2-lb. packs) were regular price, others were on sale. This is my new stock-up store for meat.

In all I spent $55 on groceries there, $23 under my regular budget. I think I let the Catalina deal drive me over budget last week, so that's good. What's even better is that with that $53, I got SIX POUNDS of GOOD ground beef and 2 pounds of good chicken breasts, not to mention some organic produce and regular cheese, bagels and cream cheese.

We had milk from last week's Dominick's sale, and then I added one gallon of Dean's hormone-free milk purchased at CVS. After the ExtraBucks I was using, I ended up paying $2 cash for the milk, bringing my total for the week to $55.