Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The NEW Jewel/P&G Catalina!

Vacation's over! Time to get back to shopping work and to light a firecracker under our butts, Jewel and Proctor & Gamble have provided us with a new Catalina deal, effective through 1/14. The deal: Spend $30, get three $5 coupons for your next order.

Like previous Catalinas, this one has been confirmed to use REGISTER PRICES, NOT SALE PRICES, to calculate this $30 threshhold -- at least when you are buying from the Jewel section of the store and not the Osco section. This price distinction is very important to getting a really good deal or even free products on a catalina offer. Most employees will tell you that you have to actually spend $30 cash to get the coupons, but these employees are not correct. To further complicate things, I've found that the prices that ring up at the register as the full price are very often a little bit less than the prices that are shown on the shelf. More on my tribulatins with incorrect shelf prices can be found here.

The products, listed by SALE PRICE. I will post the register prices as I find them out. (In the meantime, a good source for register prices and other tips is the HotCouponWorld forum on this sale.) Am listing coupons only for the products I actually plan to buy; you can look up others at HotCouponWorld. Also, you can get coupons for a lot of these things in one fell swoop by signing up at Betty Crocker here.

$12.99 12-pack or 24-pack Charmin TP

$11.47 Tide Laundry Detergen 75-100 oz.

$10 each: 8-pack Bounty paper towels/$14.99 scanned price ($1/1 12/28 P&G), 103-oz. Downy Ultra Fabric Softener, 7-8 lbs. Iams Dry Dog or Puppy Food, 100-oz., Gillette Fusion or Venus Power Razors, 14-pack Prilosec OTC, 160-pack Metamucil Fiber Laxative Supplement ($1/1 12/28 P&G), 11.7 oz. Fiber-Sure Powder, and Pampers Jumbo Packs/$12.49 scanned price ($1/1 12/28 P&G).

$5 each: 10-12 oz. Folgers Gourmet, 12-pack Nestea, 8 or 10-pack PowerAde, 24-pack Dasani, 2-ct. Tide to Go, 75 oz. gel or powder or 16-20-ct. ActionPacs, 14-16-pack Always Infinity, 20-pack Vicks DayQuil or NyQuil.

3/$10 ($3.33 each): 6-pack Coke, 10-ct. Minute Maid juiceboxes, 28.3-oz. Fiber One Complete Pancake Mix, 19-24 oz. Green Giant BSB or Select Veg, 19-21 oz. Green Giant Create a Meal Stir-Fry, Secret, Old Spce or Tag deodorant, Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner, Scope Mouth Wash, Cascadian Farm Granola 13.25-17 oz./$4.63 register price ($1/1 any CF product, 1/4 SmartSource), Cascadian Farm Granola bars 7.4 oz., Cascadian Farm Sweet & Salty Bars.

$2.50 each: 40-oz. Bisquick Original, 5-ct. Fiber One bars/$3.45 register price ($1/1 printable), 64-oz. Minute Maid OJ, 16-24 oz. Yoplait Kids ($1/2 Yoplait kids cup printable), Go-Gurt or Fiber One Multipacks, 22-30 oz. DAwn or Ivory (.50/1 12/28 P&G), 32-oz spray or 40-oz pourable Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaners, 9.7 oz. Febreze Air Effects, 4.2-6.2 Crest paste or Oral-B ADvantage brush.

$2 each: GM cereals (picture shows Honey Nut Cheerios/$4.55 scanned price, Multigrain Cheerios/$4.05 scanned price, Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Fiber One Honey Clusters/$4.99 shelf price, Total/$3.85 scanned price, Trix) ($1/2 printable, .75/Multigrain Cheerios printable), Bugles or Chex Mix 7.5-8.75 oz., Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Fruit by Foot or Gushers/$2.95 register price (.75/2 printable), Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis, Fiber One Toaster Pastry 6 ct./$2.45 register price (.75/1 printable), Progresso Light & Reduced Sodium soups/$2.80 register price & microwave bowls ($1.10/1 printable or any of those from the 1/4 GM insert).

6/$10 ($1.67 each): Betty Crocker cake mix, BC frosting, BC Hamburger Helper, BC potatoes, BC brownie mix. (See 1/4 GM insert)

$1.25 each: Puffs 60-ct cube, Glaceau vitaminwater 20 oz., Fuze 18 oz., Gold Peak TEa 16.9 oz.