Thursday, January 22, 2009

Luv It - The Get Human Database

Frugal people have to spend more time suffering through phone trees. When something breaks prematurely, we complain to the company instead of just throwing the %$#! piece of crap out. When we get overbilled, we speak up. We buy bread machines at thrift stores and try to get the manufacturers to send us ancient manuals.

Since I do spend a fair amount of time in phone tree hell, I was tickled to find the Get Human Database today -- a list of instructions for getting a live operator on the automated systems of many, many companies.



Becky said...

Thanks for this link--I had seen this long ago and lost it. And I have another tip to add. . .since some companies are recording you even while you're on hold (to monitor your level of anger or figure out how much a problem you'll be, the theory goes), and many of these things have automated voice recognition, the advice I heard was to, while you're on hold or listening to an automated menu, just start saying the "F" word, very clearly. The idea is that your call will be flagged, and a person will answer you. Then you have to switch to total politeness.

I don't know for sure that this is right, but (blush) I do it, and it seems to help sometimes. Or maybe it just feels good?

Carrie said...

Oh, that is FUNNY. Too bad I'm usually surrounded by little ears when I'm calling.

In fact, my big problem with voice recognition is that my environment is never quiet. Either the kids are making noise, I have to talk t the kids, or I'm putting away dishes, all of which are interpreted as me speaking.

mahesh said...

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