Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jewel Run: I Doubled Down

I just got back from a Jewel run with the almost-2-year-old in the stroller, and it went ... great! I can now confirm that you CAN "double" the current Catalina deal -- that is, you can buy $60 worth of stuff at one time and get SIX $5 Cats at the end.

Since I didn't know whether this would work or not, I didn't pay with Cats. So I now have $65 in Cats sitting in my wallet. Better get rolling. Speaking of rolling, the folks on HotCouponWorld point out that the Cats actually say that they are NOT VALID on P&G products, such as Pampers, Bounty, Charmin and Crest. This may be more of a "rules" thing than a technical thing -- I successfully rolled my first set of Cats to buy Pampers. Then again, I didn't get my Cats last night when trying to roll them onto more Pampers. I don't really think this is the reason they didn't print -- but it could have been.

Here's what I did today: 15 boxes of cereal, shelf price total was just over $60, preferred price was $30. Minus $8 in coupons, I paid $22. And got $30 in Cats!

That's right, I made $8 buying cereal. Good times :-)

UPDATE: I drove a mile or two away today to hit another Jewel (I wanted to go to another CVS which is on the way anyway). This time, I did a double transaction and I SCREWED IT UP -- I just added up all my register prices and it only totaled $59.28. I thought I had some "padding," but I bought six Cascadian Farms granolas and they were all marked $4.99 but rang up at $4.63. Aargh! That took over $2 off my bill and eclipsed my padding. And naturally I paid all in Cats, so I don't see how I could do a return. MAYBE if I have time to stop into the "good" Jewel during the weekday and see the "good" manager, I'll tell him what happened and see if he'll help me. In the past when something like this happened, he let me just buy the one more thing I needed and then he'd give me a $15 gift card.

THEN, on my next transaction the self-checkout supervisor had all kinds of trouble with my self-checkout station, saying I had used too many coupons and she needed a manager override (I think I had used six $5 Cats to pay). I was pretty sure that by the time the manager got done fiddling with the checkout (I heard the word "reboot" used), the Cats would not print, and sure enough they didn't. The manager looked at my receipt and tried to tell me it was because I had only spend $22 out of pocket. Obviously SOMEONE has told these store employees and managers this because they are all saying it now. I just asked her if I could do a return and get my Qs back, which she did really quickly, and then I went over to a regular lane, checked the stuff out again, paid without any Cats, and got the $15 in Cats no problem.

The store was absolutely packed during all this. To top it all off, I walked out without taking my two bags of Progresso soup from my final transaction, and didn't realize it until I had driven all the way home and brought in the other groceries. So I had to drive all the way back, adding another half hour to my shopping odyssey.

So now I have 12 freakin' cats in my wallet totaling $60, plus one $5 baby Cat. And Jewel owes me $15, which I haven't yet figured out how I'll deal with.

I updated the register prices of the things I have bought here.