Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jewel: Mountain High Yogurt for $1.50

When I was at Jewel with that photographer, I picked up a carton of Mountain High yogurt for my husband, who was home in bed with that stomach flu that's been plaguing us all. I like it because it's hormone-free and comes in full-fat if you're buying for babies. It was on sale for $2.50 for the 32-oz. container, which is 50 cents more than comparable yogurt at Trader Joe's, but there was NO way I was making it to TJs yesterday just for yogurt.

But guess what? When I bought it, the Catalina machine printed out a $1/1 Mountain High coupon, which I used later that day to pick up another carton. And of course got another coupon. Now I'm wondering how many of these things I can fit in my fridge -- or since it's so relentlessly cold around here, maybe I should start filling up the garage.

The coupon prints out before you pay, so if you're wily and at the self check-out, you can grab it and scan it on that very same purchase.


Kate said...

I'm heading over there today (I hope it's still going). The $1.00 coupon is so much better than all the $ .50 ones I have!