Friday, January 30, 2009

I came home from a fun cvs/target run with the kids to find a few coupons and deals in my inbox:

$2/1 Robitussin

$31 in SC Johnson cleaning products (mostly $1 ir $1.50 off)

30% off "Bargain Barn" merch at sierra trading post (I ordered from them at xmas and was quite happy with their stuff), today only.

by the way, i stopped at a cvs that's on my way to target, where I don't normally go, and found TWO of the kids' throat coolers (since i had a bogo coupon, i spend $5 on those and got 10ECBs back) and FOUR of the Nasogel thingies. I got 3 of the Nasogels on 2 cards, since the limit is 2 and I had already bought one, and netted a 5ecb profit thanks to this coupon. actually, most of them had $2 coupons on the boxes so I just used those, but the Internet coupon worked too.

I now have 25ecbs with which to use my $5/$30 coupon. My hope is to use it on saturday night, hopefully with a little overlap of monthly deals. I'll be in Kenosha, and I'm hoping as hard as I can that the store there will still have soy joy. five boxes soy joy would be $30, so I would pay my 25ecbs and get 30ecbs back plus all the soyjoys we could possibly eat for the rest of our lives. Yay!

and, at target I got those 75-cent Kashi cereal bar boxes, thanks to MSM's advice, AND cleaned them out of the new Orla Kiely magazine files (weren't supposed to be out until sunday) thanks to suburban matron Becky's advice. thanks, ladies!

and, and, one of my space bars is broken. Did you notice? On a laptop I bought less than a year ago. Grr. No, I didn't buy an extended warranty.


Sarah Eliza said...

Sorry about the spacebar... Murphy's Law, right?

Love the name of your blog... best one I've come across so far I think! :) Come see my baby blog sometime maybe, and give me tips...

Becky said...

Good on you for getting the magazine files. I really like those. I for one will be snaking all the serving pieces.

And thanks for the linky. Have a good weekend!

Homestead said...

Check inside the nasogel boxes.... there is an offer for up to $9 off by rebate on the back of the insert.