Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Got My Panera Freebies, Cost Me $9.50

Today we did what frugal people are supposed to NOT do with a freebie situation. Since Panera is giving out free coffee and samples of new products today, I brought the girls in for a quick lunch between grocery shopping and school. I enjoyed the free cup of coffee and a little triangle of some kind of cheesy sandwich, and the girls loved the itty bitty yogurt parfaits the were given.

But I still had to buy lunch -- the samples were not enough and besides they were supposed to be for customers, not people who just pop in for samples, I gather. Panera is one of my favorite chain restaurants but it is not cheap. I paid $4 for a kid's peanut butter and jelly sandwich that came with a tube of organic yogrt, and the girls shared that. I forgot to ask for it on whole wheat. I had a bowl of soup for $4.50 and that was just ok. It came with a nice hunk of (again) white bread though.

Oh well, we were in hurry and otherwise I probably would have spent just as much on a lunch of Trader Joe's sushi rolls to eat in the car.