Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do You Buy Fancy Fashion?

Update: Since someone said the link is not working, I created a new one. Let me know if it works. Thanks.

I have the feeling that most readers here are like me and don't have much of a clothes budget, spending what we can at Target or Old Navy.

But if you DO spend money on more "high fashion" clothes, you should know about discount buying sites. Parenting magazine just mentioned one called Gilt this week, and I signed in to check it out. They are supposed to have kids' fashion as well as women's and men's, at around half off. At the moment, though, I didn't see any kids' deals up.

If you sign up through me, I'll get a bonus after your first purchase. You'll need to enter my email, carrie@shopliftingwithpermission.com.


Anonymous said...

I can't promise I will purchase anything on this site, but I do want to look!
You need to provide your email address in order to refer people.

Anonymous said...

Something is not working with your email.
Has anyone gotten it to work?

I have not been sucessful :(