Saturday, January 24, 2009

CVS Plan: Sigh, Not Much

I just checked out next week's deals on Money Saving Mom, and there's not much that interests me. I might get a Gilette razor since they will be free after ECBs and coupon.

And I double-checked two of my local stores today to see if they got a Friday re-stock on the monthly deal items. They have not. No Soy Joy, no Nasogel (which I have realized is nothing but a bottle of saline, the stuff that is so handy for unplugging little noses), no kids throat ice pops. Actually, one of my stores said they never got the ice pops to begin with.

I did manage to put together a $50 transaction, but I spent $20 out of pocket, which is outrageous for me. I got $21 in Pepsi stuff, $2 of Dawn, $13.50 worth of Norwegian formula body lotion at buy 1, get 1 half off, $4 in Sunday papers, a $4 weight-loss gum that was free after Extra Bucks, $3 in Johnson's first aid kits and $3.60 in Johnson's Buddies soap.

I could have done much better if I'd used all the Excedrin coupons I have sitting in my file, but I was under the misimpression that they would be paying Extra Bucks next week so I saved them. I guess I must have been looking at a list of FEBRUARY'S ExtraBucks offers. Of course, some of my coupons will probably expire at the end of the month so I really should have filled out my $50 with a few free bottles of Excedrin. Doh.

I don't feel too bad about my out-of-pocket outlay, though, because my parents will pay me about $10 for two of the Pepsi 12-packs and the body lotion. So really I paid $10 for two 12-packs of soda, four 2-Liters, 3 bags of chips (a rare indulgence around here), two bottles of dish soap, the Sunday papers and that Johnson's crap I didn't need.

Were the Sunday papers a good deal? Depends. There was only one lousy insert in each -- I guess these advance papers were not fully stuffed, which has happened to me before. But one of the coupons was for $20 off a OneTouch blood glucose monitor, so if CVS does a full ECB rebate on that like they have in the past, these extra papers will really pay off.

Oh, and one more thing! The staff at CVS used the magic ECB button for me! With the Pepsi deal, for some reason instead of showing I'd purchased $20 worth of stuff, it showed that I'd bought $10 worth of stuff in two categories. I think maybe some of the items were coded for this past week's deal, and some were already coded for next week's deal, which will probably reset. At any rate, they gave me the ECBs anyway.


LizzyLanguage said...

Carrie, my CVS does honor both the $4/1 Gillette coupon and the "Free shampoo" coupon because one take money off the shampoo and one off the razor. My Kroger did as well. It doesn't beep and should go through smoothly. You must have gotten a difficult cashier. Sorry.

Angie said...

I felt this way last week. :)