Sunday, January 11, 2009

CVS Plan: 1/11-1/18 -- Updated

I'm sure most CVS shoppers are thoroughly sick of Soy Joy. They've given these little soy nutrition bars away again and again. But not me! Or more accurately, not Pebbles. She LOVES those things.

Being pregnant, I guess I wouldn't be hurt by the occasional high-protein snack bar myself. They taste ... OK.

And for the month of January, CVS is giving away up to five 6-packs of SoyJoy bars per card. Pay $6, get 6ECBs. If I use all 3 cards at my disposal, I could actually stock up on 90 Soy Joy bars. Oh, and some people got Soy Joy coupons in their 1/4 SmartSource.

Now the dance of the free Soy Joy shall commence.

There's one problem, though. I only have about $3 ExtraBucks, from my mom's "fall savings." How will I build my ECBs up to $6 to buy that first 6-pack? For the other accounts, I'm not sure if I will be able to build from scratch, I might have to "invest" the initial 6 bucks. But we'll see -- we have the whole month and I'll work on my mom's card first.

I checked IHeartCVS, and they have a great idea for my ECB-building mission: Apparently there are Glade Scented Oil Warmers that ring up for 99 cents, and yet print out the same 2ECBs as the "Plugins Scented Oil Refills 2 pack" or "Essential Oil Candle Twin pk" listed in the ad. Hurray! Also, IHeartCVS links to a coupon that should make the o.o.p. expense 0.

So I'll stop in at CVS today to see if they have any of these warmers, and if so, clean them out.

Looks like I could also make .50ECB a pop if I buy CVS brand cotton squares for $3.49, use the $3/1 CVS brand coupon, and get 1ECB back.

Update: I stopped at 2 CVSes today. At the first one, I found some Plug-In Refills With Free Warmer, which rang up as 38 cents, so I bought five with the $2/1 coupon, just to see if it would produce ECBs. It didn't, but it only cost me 19 cents so what the hell. At the second CVS, I saw 11 of the exact warmers pictured on I Heart CVS, sitting on the Clearance rack. Sure enough, they rang up at 99 cents. I bought 10 in one group, with 5 coupons, and paid only tax. In only got 10ECBs, not the 20 I was expecting. My receipt showed all 10 as rung up at 99 cents each, but then at the bottom it said "5 purchased, need 1 more to get ECBs." Not sure how that happened.

I bought the last one with a different card, so now I have 2ECBs on that one.

I'm thinking I will bring five of them back to my local CVS, return them (getting back only the tax I paid), and repurchase them on a different card. Usually, I never return things that I received ExtraBucks for. But then I realized that I DIDN'T get ECBs for five of them, so it should be kosher.


Anonymous said...

The limit for Soy Joys is 10 !!! I have bought 7 already and my receipt still says I can buy more. This is confirmed by slick deals too.-Shauna

Dr. Mom said...

I bought 10 boxes with my card. It does work.

Dr. Mom said...

I forgot to mention, I bought 5 boxes at a time and was able to use the 2 MF Qs $3 off of 10 bars. The third coupon beeped but the first two were fine.

Anonymous said...

One little word on soy. It's a very hard protein to digest for any sex. NEVER give them to little boys as the high boost of estrogen has been known to cause sterility. And be careful when giving to younger girls as the boost in estrogen can bring "maturation" on just a little earlier than at 9 instead of 12. Other than away, and enjoy!