Monday, January 12, 2009

CVS: 0 to the Soy Joy Train With Hardly Any Cash

Although I'm in bed with the stomach flu and can barely raise a finger to tap the keys, I wanted to tell you about my trip to CVS last night. CVSing was more fun for me this weekend than it has been in a long, long time -- I started out with two bankrupt accounts (and one with $2.50 from "fall spending") and ended the day with $10 on one account, $8 on the other, and a bunch of stuff. My out-of-pocket spending: Less than $2.

Early yesterday afternoon I found 11 boxes of the Glade plug-ins that ring up as 99 cents but pay 2ECBs. I bought 10 on 1 card and 1 on the other, but for some reason I only got 5ECBs on the first card (the other one got 2ECBs as I expected).

So last night after the kids were in bed, I wrapped up in my coat and hat and walked over to CVS with five of the Glades. I explained that I hadn't gotten the ECBs for them, so I wanted to return them for almost no money, then buy them again on another card. It was a new kid and he needed to get the manager to approve the return, but no problem. He gave me back my 47 in tax and I repurchased them, along with the $3.49 bag of CVS brand cotton squares. I used three $2/1 Glade coupons, one $3/1 CVS brand coupon (which beeped relentlessly but he typed it in after calling the manager again), and paid 60 cents. Most of which of course was what I just got from my return.

As expected, I got 10ECBs and 1ECB. I used that to buy one box of Soy Joy ($6) and $4 or so worth of Christmas clearance stuff. And, of course, got 6ECBs back again from the SoyJoy, which I can now do 9 more times on this card this month. :-)

From the 90% off Christmas Clearance rack, I got some gift bags the kids will love next Christmas, wrapping paper, something called glitter putty that the kids are playning with today, and -- my favorite -- a bunch of sparkly, big gift tags for 13 cents each.

Yay, CVS! With all my problems at Jewel this week, it's nice to back to CVS where things usually go as planned.


Sara said...

sorry to hear about the flu! feel better soon!