Saturday, December 13, 2008

Them Holiday Ham Deals Is Starting

Checking out these holiday ham deals, I have been struck with a MAJOR craving for a nice, thin-sliced ham sandwich. With a nice piece of lettuce, a fresh, ripe tomato (non-existant in Chicago at this time of year) and some miracle whip. But none of these deals are good until tomorrow morning! Will I last that long?

Jewel (Shaws) (best deal): Use $7 off coupon in Sunday's flyer to get a Cook's shank portion ham for as low as 62 cents a pound, or $1.32 a pound for a Cook's spiral sliced.

Aldi: spiral sliced Appleton honey ham $1.49 a pound

Dominick's (Safeway): butcher's cut whole or shank half ham 99 cents a pound or spiral sliced half ham $1.47 a pound