Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shopping Nov. 29 - Dec. 2

I have been giving in to the pregnancy exhaustion this week, hence the scarcity of posts here. Thanks for your patience! I keep hoping that if I just give up and rest, I will feel better. But at this point I think I could literally sleep all day long and not wake up feeling rested. I'm 9 weeks as of tomorrow, though, so hopefully a return to higher energy levels is right around the corner.

I did end up shopping a bit this week. We went to an indoor "winter farmer's market" fundraiser event, where a natural, no-hormone no-antibiotic rancher was selling grass-fed beef for less than I pay at the regular farmer's markets. I paid something like $4.67 a pound for some ground beef; I usually pay $6. I also got ground pork and some organic potatoes. Altogether I think I spent around $35 there.

Then I stopped into Jewel to take advantage of their one-day sale on cheese Sunday. I will be honest and admit that I am too lazy to get off the couch and look for that receipt right now. I'm guessing I spent around $22, which included 3 or 4 pounds of cheese and four more Wild Harvest products using the $1/1 coupons. I was delighted to see that the WH whole grain pastas were still bogo @ $2.50 -- with the coupons I got two more boxes of spaghetti for a quarter each. I also got a pound each of organic carrots and celery for a buck apiece after the coupon. Can't beat that!

I also stopped into Dominick's to pick up a scrip and collect the $30 gift card with coupon, which expired Sunday. Oh, I forgot to tell you! There was a new $25 gift card offer in this Sunday's CVS flyer! If you didn't get one, you might check the flyers at your store to see if any are still available.

So while I didn't have the shopping-free week I'd planned, I did just fine. This coming week, I plan to spend $78 as normal (I used to have an $80 budget but when I went crazy one week buying coffee on sale I had to borrow $2 each from many, many future weeks to cover it). We're nearly out of fruit, so that's on the list, as well as eggs and flour and milk and peanut butter. We're ok for meat, of course, and we still have plenty of frozen veggies in the fridge.

We have eaten nearly every last bit of Thanksgiving leftovers, thank God -- except the sweet potato casserole. No one really liked that, and it's a flavor I haven't been able to stomach in pregnancy. Unfortunately I've let it sit in the fridge for a full week now so I will probably have to chuck it. They were $1.50/lb. organic sweet potatoes, too.


Lauren said...

I just turned our sweet potato bake into muffins-- I found a recipe online for sweet potato & oatmeal muffins at www.cooksrecipes.com- the kids love 'em, and you can always freeze them for later.