Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shopping Dec. 9-16

I just finished my week's shopping today, a day late. About $30 at Pan's Foods, one of our local CertiSaver stores, and $47 at Jewel today.

The highlights were those clearanced granola bars and Pop-Tarts I snagged today. At Pan's, I got some nice cheap citrus fruits which we have been enjoying as juice and whole. Nothing too exciting this week, though.

Next week will be an interesting shopping week, since it ends on Xmas day. I don't count the supplies I need for baking gifts and stuff I'm bringing to parties as part of my budget. And since on Xmas day we'll leave the house for nearly 2 weeks, I guess I just don't want to stock up on too many perishables this week -- fruit, dairy, etc. We've been eating out of the freezer a lot and will continue to do so during this harried last week before the holidays. Then, we'll spend little to no money on groceries for 2 weeks, first mooching off the parents, then on va-ca-tion. Maybe we'll even keep our restaurant spending down to that $160 we would have spent on two weeks of groceries -- wouldn't that be nice?