Friday, December 12, 2008

A Grocery Shopping Lesson

Man, am I CRANKY. This is what two days straight with no school for Nutmeg does to me, and the winter weather that made our one excursion out more pain than pleasure (two-mile round trip to a store, 18 degrees out, and so many jerky JERKS who don't shovel and make pushing a double stroller laden with 2 kids and groceries feel like one of those airplane pulling competitions). Also, it's 4:45 p.m. and totally dark out, and I can't decide which of the kids is irritating me more, the 4-year-old, the almost-2-year-old or the one that just graduated from embryo to fetus.

But, because I am always looking for the bright side of things, I took from my little shopping trip a happy little reminder to share with you: If you watch grocery and drugstore sales long enough, you can almost ALWAYS beat the prices at the large discount stores. Case in point: Last weekend, the girls were with their grandparents and Epu and I hit Target to get some stocking stuffers for the girls. We also picked up an 8-pack of Viva paper towels. It was something like $8.50, the best deal on paper towels they seemed to have.

Today, at my local CertiSaver store (Pan's Foods), they had the very same 8-roll pack for FIVE FIFTY. A whole 3 bucks less than Target. They also had 12-roll packs of Cottonelle at the same price, which I totally bought.

Point is, you don't need to drive to Target, even if you don't do the CVS or Walgreen's games. Just watch those sales and get that stuff when the gettin's good.


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

graduated to fetus, i love it! i have a friend who's pregnant who relates her growing baby to food.....peanut to cashew to cocktail shrimp :) kudos to you for going for the walk!