Monday, December 8, 2008

Get $25 From Blockbuster

If you sign up for a Blockbuster-by-mail subscription using PayPal, the company will deposit $25 in your PayPal account "once you become a paying member." Not sure how long you have to stay on -- the cheapest membership is $10 a month for 1 DVD at a time.

If you're just looking for a movie subscription plan, NetFlix is a way better deal because their 1-DVD-at-a-time plan is just $4.99. The only difference is that BlockBuster also gives you two in-store exchanges per month, which could be nice if you live right near a store. But NetFlix has the online viewing feature, which has limited selection but nice instant gratification. We've been watching 30 Rock on that.

By the way, I just noticed that my Netflix $4.99 plan says I'm limited to 2 DVDs a month. I could have sworn that it used to be 4 a month. This would explain the strange long waits we've been experiencing lately, when we used to get a new movie just a couple days after mailing it in. Jerks!

(The Blockbuster cheapie plan is also limited to 2 a month by mail.)