Saturday, December 13, 2008

CVS: Back in the Game!

After doing all my $4/$20 scenarios, I realized, yet again, that the coupon I had was NOT for the account I have ECBs on. I'm sick of this happening -- it seems that I ONLY get $/$$ coupons for my own account, while the only ECBs I have are on my mom's.

So I decided to just spend some cash from my gift card and do a damn deal with the coupon. We needed batteries the most, but there were no $5/2 tearpad Duracell coupons at my store. However, I did find $1/1 stickers on Energizer, which were "spend $20, get 10ECBs," so I bought 4 packs at $5.99 each, used $8 in coupons, spent $16 off the gift card and ended up with 10ECBs. I figured laying out 6 bucks for all those batteries was not that bad.

Not bad at all, when I consider the transactions I did with those 10ECBs later tonight. First, I got $20 worth of Hershey's candy, used another $4/$20 (I think it may have beeped but the cashier keyed it in; not sure if these just always beep or if it beeped because I used it more than once) and $7 in manufacturers' coupons. I threw in a $1.20 bag of Cadbury chocolate on clearance so I could spend the 10ECBs, added 38 cents in change and got a new 10ECBs back.

So, stocking stuffers are certainly covered.

Then I got 5 photo prints, 4 Johnson's First Aid Kits, 1 Clear Eyes contact solution (monthly deal @ $8.99 free after ECBs), a gallon of whole milk, a kids' Colgate toothpaste and a newspaper for $22. I used a coupon for 5 free prints (-$1.50), a $3/2 and a $1/1 Johnson's first aid coupon (-$4), a $1/1 Clear Eyes coupon (-$1) and a $1.50/1 Colgate Q for a total of $8 off and, again the $4/$20. I paid the 10ECB and 8 cents cash and received 8.99ECBs back.

Since those kids' Colgates were $1.99, I also got another one for free using my mom's account along with a $1/1 MQ and a $1/1 CVS register Q. Those are going in the girls' stockings too, with a new toothbrush for each kid. To balance out those chocolates that I got tonight.

So, despite my initial outlay of $16 in cash, I'm pretty happy with my day. I spent less than $17 and ended up with 9ECBs and a buttload of merchandise, some of which I actually needed.

I may be back tomorrow for a Schick razor for the hubs' stocking.


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

the $4/$20 coupon on isn't coded for a particular card.....or coded for single use.....just sayin' ;)