Thursday, December 4, 2008

At Jewel/Shaws: How to Help a Needy Family and Make Money Doing It

Today at Jewel I checked out the prices of the Wild Harvest organic baby food. I was buying a couple pairs of bogo WH products for pennies with the $1/1 coupons, and I had Q one left over. So I tried throwing in a 79-cent (regular price) jar of baby food, wondering if I would get overage, or be able to the Q at all. My Jewel is kind of hit-or-miss about coupons.

Well, the register provided no obstacle to getting overage, and the cashier had no problem with it either. So, if your Jewel checker is cool with it -- or if you have self-checkout -- the baby food is a way to get overage with those $1/1 printables, which will print unlimited. The smaller jars are 59 cents, if you'd rather have more overage than more baby food.

I can't think of a nicer shelter donation than organic baby food. The Qs expire 1/3/09. If you could buy 100 jars of the larger baby food with coupons by then (like 10 jars each time over 10 visits) you'd earn about $20.


Glor said...

Thanks for the tip! Those coupons are wonderful - our food pantry will appreciate some baby food!

Team Morris said...

I live in California, and out here...our Osco (Jewel) stores are Alberston's and carry the Wild Harvest items, too. I'm excited about doing this over the holidays and helping out the food pantry! Thanks!

Glor said...

Aw... Boohoo! I did this with 6 jars Thursday and it worked great. Tried again today (Sat.) and the coupon would no longer scan. Used self check out both times - first time went right through, second time kept getting "item not found" message. Bummer! Has anyone else gotten this to work recently?