Sunday, November 2, 2008

What We Ate on That -- 10/29 - 10/4

Here's what we ate this week. As you might guess, I cut up another large pumpkin at the beginning of the week, giving the whole week a distinctly pumpkiny flavor. I made a double batch of pumpkin rolls on Thursday, which turned out to be a mistake. It overwhelmed my mixer, I ended up running out of flour and throwing in just about any grain I could find (which actually wasn't bad at all) and the dough that I didn't bake right away didn't taste right when I finally did bake it. I think the yeast had multiplied too much by then and it tasted too yeasty.

Oh, and we had plenty of fruit in the house, so if I didn't mention a snack, it was probably fruit. Or Halloween candy.


breakfast: huevos ranchero with leftover taco fixings (note: not recommended for pregnant women. i'm not exactly having morning sickness yet, but it is already getting harder to be appetized by leftovers), homemade grapefruit juice
dinner: meatloaf, carrots, potatoes (made a second meatloaf to freeze)


lunch: leftover taco fixings
dinner: pumpkin rolls, pumpkin stew over barley (Meatless Monday actually suggested this in my comment section! We liked it, but next time I would kick up the spices. And maybe include chickpeas.)


breakfast: pumpkin rolls, homemade grapefruit juice
lunch: leftovers
dinner: homemade pizza with a couple half-assed Halloween shapes cut into the cheese. and salad.

breakfast: pumpkin rolls, cereal
lunch: leftover pizza
dinner: pumpkin/pear soup and eggplant/barley bake (made this without the cheese because we were out of it but it was still delicious. I loved how easy it was -- all in the micro) and pumpkin rolls

breakfast: banana pancakes, pumpkin rolls
lunch: leftovers
dinner: pumpkin and split pea soup


breakfast: yogurt cups, cereal

lunch: leftovers, yogurt with banana

snack: granola bars, apple slices and peanut butter
dinner: macaroni for the kids, lo mein for the adults (this was so-so, probably because I cheaped out and bought the imitation oyster sauce. stuff like that hardly ever goes on sale)

breakfast: pancakes with nutella, yogurt cups
lunch: leftovers
snack: apples
dinner: salmon, potatoes, carrots