Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Grocery Flyer -- 2 New Catalina Deals at Jewel

Here are the deets from my Wednesday ad on the ConAgra Catalina deal at Jewel:

$10 off your next order when you spend $20 or more in a single transaction, through 11/19. The products are:

Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers 2/$6 ($3) (reg. price $3.95)
(Use $1/1 from 10/26 SmartSource, $1/1 from October All You, $1.50/3 from Nov. 21 All You)

Chef Boyardee Pasta or Hunt's Manwich sauce 4/$5 ($1.25) (regular price $2.25)
(Use $1/5 or .35/3 from 10/19 SmartSource)

Hunt's Pasta Sauce 4/$5 (1.25) (regular price 1.65)
Marie Callender's dinners or pot pies 4/$10 ($2.50) (regular price $4)
Healthy choice Steamers or Paninis 4/$10 ($2.50) (regular price $4)
($1/1, .75/1 and .50/1 in 10/26 SmartSource)

Reddi Whip Topping 2/$4 ($2) (regular price $3.25)
(I have a .75/1 blinkie)

Banquet Value Menu Dinners 10/$10 ($1)
Swiss Miss Cocoa, 10 ct. 10/$10 ($1) ($2.55 regular according to HCW)
Hunt's or Ro-Tel diced tomatoes 10/$10 ($1) (regular price $1.80 according to HCW)
Orville Redenbacher popcorn bogo @ $3.49 (I read that BOTH count toward the $20!)
(use $1/3 or .40/1 from 10/12 SmartSource)

Parkay or Fleischmann's margarine 30% off
Egg Beaters egg sub 2/$6 ($3) (regular price $4.25)
Swiss Miss pudding 2/$5.50 ($2.25) (regular price $3.25)

I will be testing this today or tomorrow to see if it works to buy $20 worth of regular, pre-sale prices. If it does, there is one thing I learned from doing the other deal last week: The best deals will be the ones with the biggest gap between sale price and regular price. In this list, for the items I know the regular prices of, I love the Marie Callender's deal, with $1.50 spread. Someone mentioned in the comments here that Marie Callender's are on sale for $1.88 until today and that the deal is already working. If I get over there today, I will let you know.

Another thing I want to mention about this ad: It lists Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, which haven't worked for some people. But it doesn't include Healthy Choice soups, which I read about others getting in this deal. Maybe one substituted for the other?

The other Catalina deal at Jewel is a new GM deal: Buy 10 participating products in one transcation and get 3 $15 off coupons, PLUS a coupon for free milk worth up to $4.50. The products shown are:
Cheerios (9 oz), Golden Grahams (12 oz)
(use $1/2 printable or $1/3 from 11/2 SmartSource)

FiberOne bars and NatureValley bars, but I also read of people getting Fiber One toaster pastries. All priced at 2/$6, so I guess if you see other similar products priced 2/$6, you could give it a try. Regular price for all is $3.95.
(I have coupons for these but don't know exactly where they came from)

As for the rest of the Jewel flyer, let's see:

3 Day Sale:

2 Liter of Coke, Sprite 89 cents
pork spare ribs $1.29/lb
Pillsbury crescent rolls $1.47/lb
Nestle Toll House Morsels $1.67 (limit 6)
raspberries or blackberries, 6 oz., $1.99 (limit 3)

All week:
2Liter selzer or club soda, Jewel brand, 79 cents
8 oz. Jewel cream cheese $1
12 Jewel eggs $1.67

Crystal Farms cheese, 8 oz., bogo @ $3.99

32 oz. Mountain High yogurt, $2.50

Before going to Jewel (or Shaws, etc.), print your $1/1 coupon for their Wild Harvest organic brand. In fact, print as many as you need! (Thanks, Queen of the Urban Jungle.)

You can use that q on the following sale items:

Wild Harvest organic potatoes, 5 lbs. for $3.49
Wild Harvest organic baby carrots, 1 lb. $2

Finally, that Lipton Pyramid tea has RETURNED to Jewel's Avenu page, although it says it's only good through midnight tonight. Word is that you can again get it for 50 cents a box while this e-coupon is active, AND that it's printing a $1.50 catalina of its own, making it a moneymaker, for today at least. I am glad to hear this because I only picked up one of the "sleepytime" kind last time around, and I'm finding it quite soothing to my pregnant tummy.

Coupon matchups from Hot Coupon World's database.


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

mixers were supposed to be working for the deal this week but weren't. there are a lot of people reporting today that they ARE working, all except the pasta with meat sauce kind (hear about it on SD).


Annie's Antics :-) said...

Thanks for the list!

I didn't get a $1.50 cat for the Lipton and I bought 2 more boxes of it today ;-) I do have $1 peelies for them though so they're already a money-maker so I really shouldn't complain, eh?!

I'm going to head back out and get more because I LOVE it and you just can't be FREE tea!

Melissa said...

lol same with Annie.. I got 4 boxes today and didn't get a CAT??