Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ugh -- Tomatoes Didn't Work for ConAgra

Today I bought 11 cans of diced tomatoes at $1.80 register price, $1 sale price. Paid for them and a few other items with cats, and no new cat printed out. This was at the self-checkout.

Aaaagh. I just cannot deal with the constant battles at customer service over these deals. My kids were starting to wig after an extra-long checkout process (The monitor lady decided to open up my machine before I finished paying to take out all my coupons and look at them. She didn't disallow my one printable (the Wild Harvest Organics one) so I don't know what she was looking for.

There was no one at the service desk and I couldn't deal with waiting at that moment. Every day I'm feeling a touch more fatigue and nausea, and I don't know if I am up to going to battle over these deals anymore. Well, I'll save my coupon for next time I go in and hopefully I'll have the energy then.


Dan and Melissa Huizinga said...

Can't figure out why the cats didn't print on the tomatoes! Which store did you do this at?

Carrie said...

this was at Jewel in Oak Park, where I just got cats on the pot pies last night. I dunno, maybe some of the cans I selected were not included? They wer different varieties, but all were the same original price and same sale price so I thought I was fine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie! Maybe I'm mistaken, but I think it might be that 11 cans at 1.80 each would only equal 19.80 - not the 20.00 needed to trigger the cat, unless you also had other things toward the conagra deal. HTH, and thanks for keeping us posted on this stuff just the same.

Carrie said...

yeah, anon, you're right. i can't believe i did this because i knew they might ring up at $1.80 (instead of the $1.85 shelf price) and even brought an extra up to the register with me. But when the screen said i had passed $20, i relaxed and didn't buy the 12th can. Oh well, hopefully i won't have a nightmare return like last Saturday.