Friday, November 7, 2008

Two More Jewel Catalina Transactions and a New CRT Coupon

Two transactions, two trips to the service desk, with an unruly toddler pulling my hair the second time. But in the end, I left with another $68 worth of groceries and $15 added to my gift card. Out of pocket expense was $1.58, the rest was all Catalinas.

Man, this is like first discovering CVS, but even better, because it's FOOD that's free!

So, here were the problems:

In the first transaction, I paid with $15 Cats plus $4.48 cash, and received a new $15 in Cats. I did not get my $2 Avenu savings for the two Pyramid teas I bought. I went to the service desk and the employee there looked over my Avenu printout, which says the deals are good until Nov. 11, and gave me four $1 bills. So that deal cost me 48 cents (for six Pop Secrets, two teas and a package of whole wheat tortillas that were not part of the deal).

The second time around, I went to the self-checkout so I could sneakily use my Internet printable coupons. I'm a devil! (But, you know, they are not counterfeit and the store will get reimbursed for them.) I didn't get the teas because I didn't want to go through the Service Desk thing again. I spent $31.80 in regular prices, but no Cats printed out.

Back to the Service Desk, where the employee barely glanced at my receipt, just asked me how much I was supposed to get, and added the $15 onto my gift card. Very nice -- he totally trusted me. And he was right to -- after thoroughly studying my receipt I am absolutely sure I qualified for the promo.

That time, I got two Yoplait Kids 6-packs, two more Pop Secrets, three boxes Golden Grahams, two boxes Total, and two packages of cheese which were not included but I need for dinner. After paying my four Catalinas (I had one left over from the previous day), I owed $1.10 out of pocket and got $15 back.

So basically I have $6.48 less than I walked in with, and the non-promo dinner items I bought cost $5.50. So all those groceries cost me (drum roll) ONE DOLLAR. Which is actually less than the cost of tax.

Oh, and a tip for you: If you buy the GM cereal included in the deal, buy them in groups of 3. When I bought the 3 Golden Grahams, I got a CRT for $1.50 off my next purchase of 3 GM cereals. Which should make my next go-round with the deal EVEN SWEETER when I combine it with a $1/3 manufacturer's coupon.

Oh yeah -- and when I bought the tea, I got a CRT for 75 cents off two packs of Lipton Green tea. And yep, that's included in the deal too.


Annie's Antics :-) said...

I had the same dilemma w/ the Pyramid teas and Avenu the second time I went in! I pulled up my Avenu online and suddenly the Pyramid teas were gone! Grr!

My Cats also didn't print the second time so I went back in there and the mgr said the deal was based on the SALE price, not the SHELF price. We went back and forth for a while and finally she ended up printing $15 Cats for me. What a pain!

I do agree that this is as good or better as "discovering" CVS for the first time - LOL!

Melissa said...

oooh thanks for the tip Annie!! I just checked my Avenu account and you are right.. the tea is gone!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that you said you had to sneak the internet coupons at the check out. Jewels corporate policy is to except internet coupons. I don't know if you have been to she has a link on here site called "coupon policies" and she has a pdf you print out from Jewel's corporate to bring along as back up.

Carrie said...

anon -- Thank you for that link, I will do that. Today a manager OK'd the Internet coupons -- I was very surprised but I'm thinkng it's because she does not know the usual policy at this location.

I'm also thinking of emailing corporate about this frustration.