Friday, November 28, 2008

Tales From the Front and a Free Coffee at McDonald's

In case you're like me and slept in this morning, you can read first hand accounts of what the stores in Chicago were like here. I used to HATE reporting the day-after-Thanksgiving shopping story because it is so boring. Always the same -- you go out and see people shopping, ask them what they're shopping for, whether they're cutting back, if they're getting good deals. I actually like the idea of this blog and will loook for it if I want to shop Black Friday next year -- because they could tell you if your target store is crowded before you head out.

And here's a deal that even layabouts like me can get: Today's Tribune has a coupon for a free small hot mocha at McDonald's, good 11/28- 12/3. Section 1, p. 13.

Dang, is it Nov. 28 already? I have GOT to get out there and use those coupons (which my in-laws gave me) for digital converter boxes. They expire in 2 days. I obviously didn't want to brave Target today since I wasn't after a doorbuster. (And FORGET about Wal-Mart, eh?) Maybe tomorrow.