Monday, November 17, 2008


Search & Win

I just followed Money Saving Mom's advice (I usually do, she's second only to Oprah in that department for me) and installed the SwagBucks toolbar so I can earn gift cards for my Google searches.

My husband will probably kill me if he sees it, because -- make no mistake -- this is a widget for sending information about all your browsing activity to marketers. Right on the form, when I installed it, it informed me that it would be transmitting data to Alexa, which is a Web search data company.

I don't care, though. Unless I start getting deluged with overly personal spam, and maybe even then. I want some gift cards. And guess what? If you want to sign up, please sign up through my link, cause then I can get me some more gift cards. And give them to newly married couples in those fancy wedding cake gift card holders I just bought.


Lindsay said...

I don't think "my link" is right. It's wikipedia?

Carrie said...

Thanks for that catch, Lindsay!