Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Flyer Deals - 11/16

There's is a coupon for $7 off a fresh or frozen turkey at Jewel on p. 8 of Section 1 of today's Chicago Tribune. That makes a frozen Jennie-O as low as 49 cents a pound, or a 15-pound fresh one as low as $1.33 a pound.

Ultra Foods, which has a number of Chicago-area locations, has Green Giant Steamers for 68 cents. If you use the $1/1 coupon from today's SmartSource, they're free!

The Dominick's flyer has a few Super Coupons, including Pop-Tarts at 3/$3. You could combine that with .55/1 from the 11/9 RedPlum. Also, I've recently seen some Whole Grain Pop Tarts with a $1/1 sticker right on the box -- if you find those as part of the deal, they'd be free!

There are a few new coupons for the current ConAgra Catalina deal in today's RedPlum, including 30 cents off certain varieties Swiss Miss (not sure if any of these varieties count for the deal), 50 cents off Reddi Whip, and 35 cents off Pam. There's also a .70/1 for FiberOne Toaster Pastries, which I have heard are included in the current GM deal.

Electric toothbruses: On the bag of Chicago Tribune delivery copies, there is a $10 off coupon for a SonicCare toothbrush. If you'd rather get an Oral-B, there is a $10 rebate form in RedPlum.

Gift Card Offers:

Target has a $10 GC coupon for a new or transferred scrip, and a $5 GC offer for buying 2 Enfamil formulas, selected sizes.
Toys R Us has another one of those $10 GC coupons if you spend $75.


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

i wish shaws was still doing the conagra and Gm deals this week!!

Precious said...


I saw on one of the other blogs where you lost your Jewel giftcard.

Did you call Jewel to see if it has been used? Did you keep the receipt showing the #'s on it. If you call and it has not been used, they will just transfer it onto another card for you.

Carrie said...

I called, but they told me there was nothing they could do about it. My mother told me that her local grocery, Pick 'n' Save, registers gift cards and will stop and refund them when lost. I wish Jewel would do the same but they told me no.

Helen said...

I realized the GM deal is not too bad, once I use my $10 catalina from the ConAgra! With the minimum of $.50 coupons (I have several larger for my first transaction) you would spend $15OOP (10x$3, minus $5 manq, minus $10 Cat) = $15 get $15 and free milk. So it's 'free' to roll. Definitely running to one of the larger stores tonights.