Thursday, November 6, 2008

Success! At the Jewel Catalina

OK, just got back from Jewel after peeling the kids off the store rafters. The good news: I finally did this deal properly, without spending any more than I needed to, and I successfully rolled the catalinas from the first go-round on this second transaction. And new coupons printed out.

So I can now confirm:

1) The $30 threshhold is indeed based on the pre-sale price
2) You should have no problem paying with cats and getting more cats to print
3) The Lipton Pyramid tea is $5.50 and you get if free if you use a 50-cent-off coupon.

I got back $16 on my returns from the first messed-up deal, added one Lipton Pyramid Tea to the order, and repurchased the stuff (using new coupons). The second time around, the total came to $14.99. Why less? I guess because they refunded me the pre-coupon price for the soups I had returned.

I must have misheard the checker about the price, or maybe my very last brain cell was being used taking candy and other hanging things out of the baby's hands and trying to get Nutmeg to hand me back the catalinas so I could pay, but I only gave her two of teh $5 catalinas from before, a .50 catalina, and paid the rest cash. I could have used all 3 catalinas to pay $14.99, I think.

So now I have shelled out $17.50 of my own money, and I have $20 worth of catalinas in my purse. Not to mention groceries worth about $70 at full price.


I can't wait to get back over there and do it again.


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

how long is jewel running the deal for? ours at shaws ends tonight :(

Annie's Antics :-) said...

Good job! Thanks for braving the elements (i.e., shopping w/ kids) and reporting back! I'm excited to try this deal tomorrow. :)