Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shopping: Groceries for 11/12 - 11/25 -- 25-cent whole wheat organic pasta

I bought a lot of groceries this week, so I'm going to go ahead and call it a two-week shop. I certainly don't need to get anything in the upcoming week, unless I pick up some Thanksgiving supplies, which comes out of a different budget category for me.

The highlights were certainly the ConAgra catalina, which so far has gotten me six Marie Callender pot pies, five TV dinners, three Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers, 14 cans of Chef Boyardee, two cans whipped cream (one of which I'll save for Thanksgiving pie), and two boxes Swiss Miss cocoa. I've got 10 cans of tomatoes sitting in limbo -- I want to return them but my local Jewel wouldn't refund the catalina I paid, so I have to try the other location, I guess. Not counting those tomatoes, I spent about $11 on this deal and plan to spend another $4 on tomatoes. So that's $15.

I also spent $43.50 on some other stuff at Jewel: beer, cinnamon for $1 a shaker, organic celery for $1 after coupon, Pop Tarts for 67 cents after coupon, and, my favorite -- organic whole grain spaghetti for 25 cents a 12-ounce box. (Here's how that one works: Wild Harvest pasta on sale at Jewel bogo @ $2.50. Used two $1/1 coupons, and got two for 50 cents! Have gotten four boxes so far, and the checker decided to take the coupons even though they don't take printables because they were obviously from JEWEL.)

I went to Fair Share Foods and spent $32.73 on whatnot, the highlights being two packages of red and green peppers clearanced for just over $1 each, or about 25 cents a pepper. I had to cut out a couple of bad spots. Oh, and also about 10 pounds of not-very-ripe bananas at 33 cents a pound. Pumpkin/banana bread, here we come.

Then at Dominick's I spent $32.16 on a "practice turkey" and a bunch of on-sale crackers and milk. However, the turkey went on sale for 20 cents less a pound the very next day, so if I get a chance I'm going to stop in and ask for the $3 difference back. It's not far out of my way today on foot.

And dang! When I first posted this I totally forgot that I sent the hubs to Whole Foods and he spent $40 on organic apples, bulk grains, beer and eggs. Seriously, I believe that is all he got. Same amount got me a huge cart of food at Fair Share, but, you know, not organic and shit.

So that's about $164, just over I am supposed to spend for two weeks. And I am really stocked, especially with that "practice turkey" defrosting in the fridge. So the goal is to buy nothing except maybe a gallon of whole milk for the baby, and Thanksgiving/birthday party shopping which doesn't come out of my regular budget.