Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shopping for the Past and Upcoming Week

OK, the cranberry sauce is cooling on the stove (I thought it tasted hideous but my 4-year-old had THREE HELPINGS until I cut her off for fear of having none left to serve tomorrow), the sweet potato casserole assembled in the fridge, the whipped potatoes defrosting. There's a piece of pumpkin in the oven for the pumpkin rolls. And as the sun goes down (at 4 p.m.), I felt like I just HAD to lie down so I sent the kids up to watch Caillou. Hey, there are worse things I could do.

So, I didn't really grocery shop this week, which was just what I planned. I did pick up a few things here and there along with the Thanksgiving and party supplies (especially at Aldi today -- I don't get there often so I'm not gonna pass up the chance to grab a few extra cans of coconut milk at 99 cents), and since I had no budget left this week, that means I was over. So I'm going to try to pull off another week with as little grocery shopping as possible, to sort of reset things. I figure, with Thanksgiving leftovers to burn through, who needs to shop?

I'm not going to go through all the ads in detail today. I figured you probably aren't thinking about your weekly shopping trip today anyway -- you're traveling or, like me, cooking. But I will take a peek, and maybe I'll have time for a more detailed post over the holiday weekend:

Fair Share Supermarket (unusually, the sale runs Friday Nov. 28 - Tuesday Dec. 2):

bananas 39 cents a pound
chicken leg quarters 29 cents a pound
potatoes 99 cents for 3-pound bag
milk $1.99

And, hey! It looks like Jewel and Dominick's didn't even bother putting out flyers today. Makes sense. And that's great, because I'm hoping to squeeze in a quick nap before Caillou ends and we make the apple pie.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Melissa said...

yeah I asked about the flyers on other sites and they said there was a sale ad from Jewel that runs until Saturday!! I never saw that ad!