Friday, November 14, 2008

Possbily Cheap Wine

As you know, when I'm not knocked up I am always on the lookout for an affordable bottle of wine. Since the Trader Joe's has not yet opened in our area, this has been tough. Today I'm looking over a flyer from a wine delivery service run by the Wall Street Journal.

Classy, eh? Well, it might not be affordable to be an ongoing member of this club, but the introductary offer is not bad and you can cancel after you buy the first box, with no obligation. It's a box of 12 bottles for $90 including shipping, plus they give you a fancy opener set in an even fancier box.

So that's $7.50 a bottle, and they claim the wines are worth "over $15 a bottle." I tried looking up some of the wines on offer to confirm this, and the only one I was able to find a price for was $12-$13. Still, that's a discount.