Monday, November 3, 2008

Oak Park: Free Pumpkins

At the Dominick's near the Ridgeland El station, they are giving away FREE PUMPKINS. They are, obviously, the pumpkins that were being sold as jack-o-lanterns, not the sweeter little sugar pumpkins.

I Googled it, because I had heard once that these pumpkins are treated with too much pesticide for humans to eat. However, I didn't find anything like that online; instead, I found plenty of articles encouraging people to cook and eat their jack-o-lanterns. I myself have bought and served two jack-o-lantern sized pumpkins this year so far (they were organic) and got raves from the eaters.

So if you want some free food, stop by Dominick's. They had enough there tonight that I'd say anytime at least in the first half of the day Tuesday they should still have some.