Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Week in Savings -- CVS, Groceries

OK, this is a low-shopping week due to wanting to work on the upcoming presidential election, but I want to sum up my money-saving shopping right here in order to join in on Money Saving Mom's Super Savings Saturday post:

1. Groceries

I stocked my freezer with frozen vegetables and my fridge with yogurt cups with the ConAgra deal. I had to stop by Jewel yesterday despite my goal of not shopping this week, and I came across a total haul from the clearance cart. I'll tell you more about that on Tuesday, but let's just say that we will not be buying coffee for a long, long time around here.

2. CVS

With the continued absence of coupons, I haven't earned any ECBs. I didn't have the coupons necessary to make money on the Bic or SoyJoy deals this week.

But I did buy the iCraig iPod Dock/Clock Radio offered last week, and it could not have come at a better time since our old iHome brand one had completely broken. It was $30, I had a $5/$20 CRT, and then I paid 15ECBs and $10 cash, and got 10ECBs back. So, overall a $15 expense, not bad at all. Works fine so far and is small and cute.

This week all I did was get a $30 gift card and buy my prenatal vitamins. That came out great, as you can read here.

3. On "avoiding the malls": Money Saving Mom wrote today about how a visit to the mall left her with those familiar feelings of discontent. So I thought I'd add here I what wrote on the Chicago Moms Blog about how a visit to American Girl place shook my feeling of self worth and my regard for my own parenting skills. We're fine now, thanks.

4. Halloween: We had so much candy -- which I had gotten for free at CVS -- that we were able to share some with our neighbors when they ran out. We also were able to make some kids happy with the extra pumpkin pails we got at CVS. One kid was stuffing his candy into a very small plastic bag. I ran in and got him an empty pumpkin pail, and his mother was so effusive in her thanks. It really was a high point in an already wonderful evening! Also, I was proud of Nutmeg for coming up with her own costume mostly from things we had around the house. I think I spent $5 on her -- for the wig (CVS), the ruby slippers (consignment sale), and the basket (Goodwill).


Clair said...

carrie - I've been enjoying reading your blog as you're another chicagoite! I'd love to write for chicago moms too, is there anyway you could pass along a good word? i'd really appreciate it! Clair at

Annie's Antics :-) said...

I love the Jewel clearance cart! I got 6 boxes of Orville R. Natural popcorn marked down to $1.72. I had 6 (expired) $1/1 Q's! Yay!

Do you like your new radio? I got one too and I don't care for it - the display is too bright at night and I can't see it well w/out my glasses and the time doesn't display while the radio/iPod is playing! Bummer!

Carrie said...

Annie -- I would agree that the display is too bright, but otherwise I haven't noticed any problems so far. We are so happy to be quit of the problems we were having with our old one that anything looks good about now. On the old radio, an iHome, the volume would not adjust at all, and then after awhile the alarm got stuck ON. It was set for 6:30 a.m. and even if you unplugged it it kept going and going. We ended up throwing the damn thing in the trash.

Michael said...

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