Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Jewel Catalina Run

Oh, readers, I hate to let you down. I did the catalina deal at Jewel today, and I messed it up badly enough that I didn't produce much useful information for you. Other than, it works, and there are some amazing deals to be had.

I decided at the last minute to try to do $60 worth of stuff in one transaction, to try and get $30 in catalinas. It was reported on Hot Coupon World that this was working, even though the offer says 1 per customer.

Unfortunately, I miscalculated and ended up buying only $55.96 worth of stuff, at the regular shelf prices. That's what I get for doing that kind of math in my head with 2 kids in tow. I received $15 in catalinas.

I cannot tell you if the deal actually measured the $30 requirement in "without card" prices, as some reported, because I spent $35.16 in sale prices.

The good news is, after all my coupons (many of which were printables and a few of which had recently expired), I ended up paying just $24.48 and getting $15 back. I got an awful lot of food for a net expense of less than $10: 6 boxes broth, 8 cans soup, ice cream, 2 6-packs yogurt, flour and cake mix. The broth is an especially good deal even without the catalina -- it's on sale for $1.66, so after those $1/1 coupons from the GM insert, they're only .66 cents (for 32 ounces!).

Well, I think I'm going to take $25 worth of food back and try again. I was going to go back again after all, so if there's no line it shouldn't take TOO much longer to do the return. I'll explain what happened and take the same food back to ring up again. Since they will refund me only what I paid, of course, I should get $13.53 back.

Then I could put the stuff I returned right back into my cart, add $5 more worth of stuff at the full shelf price, and try the deal with that $30 group. Then, I can tell you guys FOR SURE if the deal works at the pre-sale prices. And I can pay with my $15 catalinas, so it will be free. (HOWEVER, that same Hot Coupon World thread reports that when people are trying to pay with their Catalinas, they are not getting new ones printed out. Most of the clerks are overriding it for them, though. Hmm.)

Normally, I probably wouldn't bother with the return to get back my lousy $13 bucks. After all, the stuff was still an OK deal. But I really want to know how the deal works so I can share. Hopefully I will get back over there tomorrow.


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

Shaws and Jewel usually have identical catalina deals. I've done it two times (one yesterday, once an hour ago), two deals each time (before sale prices $60+). It worked both times! I got $30 for the first transaction and today when I did the second one, I used $15 from the first transaction to pay the OOP for the second transaction and earned $30 more in catalinas. You can stack the deal, it works!