Sunday, November 16, 2008


OMG, you guys have got to check out this awesome lead-eating baby:

Like, when your kid's high chair tray is covered with peeling, chipping paint, you definitely need a lead test kit, right? Because once you've tested that paint, if it's negative, than just go ahead and keep using that tray for your baby's meals. Ss all good, right?

And the best thing is that this picture is totally related to the following post. I wanted to let you guys know that Linens N Things stores are finally down to 80% off. But you better hurry, because my local store was nearly cleaned out when I stopped in Saturday.

I got a bunch of the above lead surface tests, at $2 each, because living in an old house with constant small projects going on it doesn't hurt to do some spot checks. I also got a few wedding cake gift card holders at 40 cents each; I actually thought they were just plain gift tags since we are more likely to give gifts than money, but what the heck, I could probably turn them into gift tags in a snap. One of my big frugal rules is to never attach a greeting card to a gift when a homemade or boughten gift tag is so much cheaper (And honestly I hate watching people open presents and having to open each card and pass it around.) Usually I make weddings an exception, but with gift tags this pretty, maybe not. Or they would also be good for showers, which in my opinion are not greeting card occasions.

I also got a few throw pillows at $8 each to put in some pillowcases I got a year ago on deep discount at Pottery Barn -- coincidentally the cases were also $8. And a pretty soap dispenser for my bathroom for $2.


Anonymous said...

I think it may only be select Linens N Things stores that are 80% off. I went into one this weekend (Boston area) and they were only 20-40% off.