Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It Worked: 5 Pot Pies @ $1.88 = FREE

Just stopped at Jewel and had the hardest time, yet the Catalina printed and that's all that matters in the end. I actually ended up getting SIX pot pies and two boxes of Pyramid tea for $10.72, paid two $5 cats plus 72 cents off a gift card, and got a $10 cat back.

So, six free pot pies and 36 cents each for the teas. (I didn't get any catalina print out for them). The pies were regularly priced at $4.39 each at my store, and were indeed on sale for $1.88. I'm assuming they'll be up to $2 like the ad says tomorrow.

This means that yes, this deal is based on the "before sale" price, not the sale prices. Yay!

Here's why it was such a trial, though: I get my kids in a shopping cart and zoom through the store, grabbing the teas and five Marie Callender pot pies. Up at the register I ask the guy to not scan my card so I can see the total after the pies. And guess what? It's just under $20, because two of the pies I grabbed were the WRONG SIZE. You have to get the 16 oz or 16.5 oz. Luckily he had just closed his aisle right behind me, so there wasn't a long line to stop me from backing up my cart full of kids and returning to the freezer aisle to get two of the right ones.

THEN when I come back another checker is helping my guy void the ones I didn't want. He's obviously new at this. Then I see that there are now only four pies rung up, so it's still under $20. I point this out and they say that the beef pie wouldn't ring up, so I got it free. I said, can't you just scan one of the other ones twice? And the lady said that sure, she could, but then I would have to go back and get another one because I HAD TO get the other one free. So, I backed up my cart once again, fetched one more pie, and finally checked out. You'd think with two of them standing there they'd offer to get it for me, eh?

Anyway, my new $10 Cat expires 11/26, and I am officially out of room in my freezer. I think I'm serving pot pies tonight, just so I'll be able to get more tomorrow for free.


Annie's Antics :-) said...


What size of pie is the right size??

Shopping with kids is a BLAST, isn't it? ;-)

Carrie said...

16 oz. Actually, my kids weren't TOO bad this time especially considering it was one of the ill-advised POST-preschool shopping trips.

Helen said...

I knew we could count on you to test this. ;) I really want the Fresh Mixers but am now hesitant since you say it doesn't work (which I didn't notice on HCW). Besides that, sometimes they are on sale for 2/$5 so $3 isn't the best deal, even with my $1 coupons. hmmm

Annie's Antics :-) said...

I bought some Fresh Mixers last night (3 of them - used $1 Q's from All You) and it worked!

I also grabbed 3 Marie Callendars pot pies and they were not on sale - $4.50ish - bummer! I'm thinking of returning them because we probably won't eat them - esp after I read the nutrition info - yikes!!

Helen said...

I want to buy 5 Fresh Mixers (3x3.95=$19.75) plus one other item...basically free. Spend $11 +tax, get $10 for next time. I really want to try them, so I may go bite the bullet. We shall see.

Annie's Antics :-) said...

Helen, I just ate one for lunch and it wasn't too bad. I had Sesame Teryaki Chicken. Granted, it would have tasted better at PF Changs, but for nearly free, what can ya do?! LOL!

You could get a 10/$10 Swiss Miss cocoa to put you over the $20 threshold. Or one of the cans of maters - the Hunts sauce was ringing up at .60 and I had .40/2 Q.

Does anyone know if I'll have to return my cats if I return my frozen pot pies?

Carrie said...

Annie -- Yes, the pot pies have a lot of calories, but they taste really good. I get them a couple times a year to send with my husband as a lunch treat. I'm sure a lot of the fat is in the crust so if you don't eat the whole crust -- I don't -- it's probably not so bad.

Also, I would not advise returning something when you successfully received cats. I imagine you probably could, but it's not fair and I would imagine if they get a lot of returns from these deals they'll either start enforcing a no-return rule or stop doing the deals.

Annie's Antics :-) said...

Good point, Carrie! I wasn't trying to milk the system in any way, but I suppose I would have been if I returned them and didn't re-buy ConAgra products. D'oh!