Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Baaaack

I apologize for the blog silence this weekend. I hosted a birthday party for myself Saturday night. Epu helped a little but was very occupied with a home project -- part of one of our doorframes unexpectedly fell off and he ended up cutting, staining and mounting a whole section of new woodwork. Just hours before guests arrived. Pair this with a serious case of pregnancy fatigue and I'm shocked that we pulled the party off, not to mention kept the kids alive through another weekend.

But now I'm back with a few money-related tidbits, at least until I adjourn to call a plumber about that myserious small puddle that keeps appearing next to the toilet. (Goodbye, home remodeling fund.)

The Chicago Tribune yesterday had an interesting analysis of whether the Starbucks Gold Card, a paid discount program, is worth it. Like with most things, whether it's a good deal depends on what you buy. The most eye-opening thing in the article for me was beside the point: If you buy merely a tall regular drip coffee at Starbucks 5 days a week, you are spending $400 on coffee every year. And if you buy a tall, flavored soy latte every workday? Over $1,000! This is why I love me a coffee shop latte -- as an occasional LUXURY.

On a personal note, for my birthday the hubs and I used a gift certificate to defray the cost of eating at Hot Chocolate in Chicago Thursday night. Apparently the place has great desserts; unfortunately I wasn't feeling well enough to try one. But the point is, gift certificates really work, and they're often available for 80% off. Also for my birthday, I got me a winter coat with my birthday money -- at Loehmann's. The DKNY down coat, which is cute, warm and also has room for my tummy to expand, was marked 25% off and came to just about $100, which is just the amount I was given. Original price = $250. Seemed like most if not all of the coats were 25% off.

And by the way, if you're shopping for kids coat, The Children's Place is having a 40% off outerwear sale, and the code HAC8 will get you an additional 15% off. Or you could just shop EBay -- that's where I've been meaning to put some of my excess kids' outerwear.


Annie's Antics :-) said...

Happy belated!!

Enjoy your new coat!