Thursday, November 27, 2008

How I'll Use My Leftover Cranberries

I went to Aldi yesterday just to pick up $1 bags of cranberries. Since I've found Aldi produce to be pretty iffy, I wasn't sure what I'd find -- bruised, skimpy berries, or maybe they'd be all out. Instead, I found bags of nice plump, firm berries, locally grown (Wisconsin), and they were marked down to FIFTY CENTS. I grabbed four.

We only needed two -- one for sauce and one for my husband's delicious cranberry bread. So now that the guests are gone, Epu's doing the dishes and I'm enjoying a second piece of pie, I was kinda wondering what to do with those two extra bags of berries.

Wonder no more. By coincidence, we also have extra walnuts and blue cheese!


Helen said...

You can also freeze the bag just like that!