Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Half-Priced Audiobooks

Even though I have written about downloading free audiobooks from the library, I have never actually figured out how to do it. So I'm tempted when I hear that is offering a $7.50 a month (for three months) introductory offer.

I used to belong to this service and used the hell out of it. Then kid #2 came along, we moved twice in a year, and I just did not have time to think about selecting and downloading books. I love to listen while doing housework, though.


Kaylea said...

I've thought about signing up for audible, but I have so many podcasts and free audiobooks to listen to, it doesn't seem worth it. Here are two sources for free audiobooks: -- mostly recorded by the author. I particularly recommend books by Mur Lafferty, JC Hutchins, Tee Morris, and Nathan Lowell. -- books that are out of copyright, read by volunteers.