Monday, November 17, 2008

Deal on Radio Flyer Sport Coupe

Radio Flyer products don't seem to go on sale much, and I love 'em. They're generally super durable classics that you'll want to pass down to your kids' kids. Sensational Beginnings is currently offering a few RF items on sale. Not phenomenal markdowns, but not bad for this brand.

The best one I noticed is the Sport Coupe, a toddler ride-on, for $90. It's not listed for below $100 from any of the Amazon sellers that offer it.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately because I don't really need to buy another big Xmas present) the scooter I've had my eye on is not included.


University_Student said...

is there an email to contact you by??

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hopefully you have the time to answer them!


University Student