Friday, November 28, 2008

Cool CVS CRT and a Warning

First, the cool: I finally gathered up all my coupons and dragged one of the kids over to CVS early this evening. On my first transaction, I received a CRT coupon for $5 off liquid makeup. The text was confusing -- it contained several descriptive words about the makeup, but nothing that I recognized as a brand name. I almost just ignored it because it sounded like it as for something specific.

But since I was getting two different kinds of liquid makeup in my next transaction, I showed it to the cashier -- one of the nice ones -- and told her I wasn't sure what it was for. She tried scanning it, and it worked. So instead of owing about $4 off my gift card, I had to grab one of those free after ECBs Hershey bars and ended up owing only 30 cents tax.

My visit successfully turned 5ECBs into about 21ECBs in just two transactions. I actually went up to the register for a third, $30 transaction, only to be informed that the coupon I was trying to use was for my other account. For which I have no ECBs, so I just ended up voiding it.

And the warning: I tried to click through to the coupons in two of my CVS emails today, and they are no longer available. Which sucks because they are supposed to be good through Sunday, and one was through Dec. 4. Why do they remove the coupons before they expire??? Thought I would let you know, so in the future you can make sure to print those Qs as soon as you get them. I will be.


Melissa said...

that is strange.. I never have had that problem. I didn't get an recent emails anyway. I did get some coupons mailed to me.

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