Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ConAgra Catalina: Some Real Prices and My Trials, Tribulations

ConAgra price update -- these are the register, pre-card prices for some of the items included in the ConAgra catalina offer at Jewel:

Chef Boy R Dee canned ravioli, etc: $1.45 (NOT 3/$5 as the shelf says. This is a 22-cent difference so watch your totals with these!)

Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers: $3.95 (not $3.99 as shelf says)

Hunt's Tomatoes: $1.80 (not $1.85 as shelf says)

Reddi Whip $3.25 (not $3.29 as shelf says)

Swiss Miss $2.55

So, the girls and I stopped into Jewel today with three bags of groceries to return. This is because on two consecutive visits, I bought the WRONG number of items due to teh discrepancy between shelf and register prices and the fact that I have not yet replaced the calculator I broke while working the LAST Jewel Catalina deal.

I got a manager who I'd gone to battle with before, which is better than getting the absolutely stupid guy I got one night, but perhaps not as good as getting a fresh person. First, I gave her 12 cans of Chef Boy R Dee ravioli, etc. -- I should have bought 13, it turned out. She said that since I paid with $11 in catalinas plus $5 cash, she could only refund me the $5 cash. After I went on for a few minutes about how unfair that was, she went off and found a $10 catalina to refund to me. So I only lost the $1 cat I got from buying a jar of yeast on that one.

But she refused to refund my other transaction, which was 11 cans of tomatoes. Sigh. I will either bring them by the other Jewel, which has been much better about returns, or just write an irate email to Jewel corporate about this. I already have to complain to them about the $4 they stole from me on the Lipton Pyramid tea thing anyway.

But, in good news, after the one return, I was able to repurchase the raviolis plus one extra can, and get a $10 cat. There's three week's worth of lunches I don't have to pack for Epu. For the 14 cans, it cost me $7.89 (or $8.89 if you count the $1 I lost on the return) which is high for this deal, but it's still just over 50 cents a can so not bad.

Then, I got three Healthy Choice Mixers, two cans of Reddi-Whip and two boxes of hot cocoa for another cat. Total cost to me was 60 cents after coupons and subtracting the $10 cat. Now that's my kind of deal. The checker, who is very friendly, insisted that I could not use the cat I had just earned on the same day. At this point, I said whatever -- I can just use it next time I'm in.

Tomorrow is the last day for this deal. I'd like to get in there and buy another dozen cans of tomatoes, at least, because I go through a lot of these with winter chilis and soups. Hope I can muster the energy -- I've been very tired what with the early pregnancy and have not been able to drag myself over there after the kids are in bed.


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

that several-cent discrepancy between the shelf price and register price is on purpose, i swear! it's just enough to make sure you don't get your cat! kudos for straightening it out though. hope you're feeling ok!

Dan and Melissa Huizinga said...

I've had my own set of tribulations on this one. The crazy thing is that all my self-checkout purchases worked fine and printed the CATs. Then, since it was approaching 11 pm, the cashier said I needed to go to the regular checkout line because my $10 CATs kept beeping when I scanned them and the other lady wouldn't have the key to open the coupon bin. Anyway, when I went to her....craziness! The CATs would NOT print for my first 2 transactions. I think the whole system was rigged or something (maybe the machine wasn't working right because EVERY time I've bought the tomatoes, a Hunt's recipe prints out and it didn't these 2 times!). Anyway, since I didn't get my cats, I told her to forget the next two transactions...I was afraid I'd lose out again! Has this ever happened to you? I did my totals again today and know I was over the $20 in shelf prices.

Annie's Antics :-) said...

I never have trouble at the self-checkout but always have trouble at a real cashier. The other day I DID have trouble and it turned out it was because I grabbed 10 cans of Ro-Tel tomatoes and one can was a flavor that is NOT part of the deal. It was something like cilantro-lime and not just plain ole Ro-tel. So, if you are in a rush and just swiping cans off the shelf, be sure to glance and make sure they are the correct flavor :-)

moon2301 said...

I messed this deal up myself--didn't get enough popcorn. The customer service guy was a peach, though--scanned one of the boxes eight times, and gave me the full-price return in cash. $14.27--not even close! Anyway, I'd used $6 worth of coupons on the 8 boxes and didn't lose them. Yay!

After I self checked out and got it right, I mentioned to the guy that these catalina deals must be a pain for them. He said no one really does them and congratulated me for getting it right the second time. I only want to go back when that guy is working!