Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Catalina Success and ConAgra Recap

I've got a tip for any of you Chicago western suburbanites out there: If you ever need to make a Jewel return, go to the River Forest location. The weekday manager there is _so_ nice, competent, helpful. I love that man.

I've been hauling around these 11 cans of tomatoes, since my neighborhood Jewel refused to do a return because I had paid with a $10 Catalina and just a little cash. So today after preschool pickup I drove all the way to the River Forest Jewel, a mile or two out of my way, to plead my case to the manager there.

When I told him I wanted to return the stuff so I could re-buy it and get my $10 coupon, he said, "Why don't you just bring up one more can of tomatoes, I'll ring it up and give you a $10 gift card?"

Remember that moment when Adrien Brody kissed Halle Berry at the Oscars? That's exactly the move I pulled on that manager right there. Getting over the counter was a challenge, but I was very happy.

Then, I put 22 more cans of tomatoes and 2 cans of sauce into the cart and proceeded to the self checkout. The first transaction went beautifully -- until I realized, just after I'd paid, that I had FORGOTTEN TO SCAN MY CARD. I actually scanned and put in TWO $10 catalinas before realizing that, duh, this order was not supposed to be much over $10. I literally smacked myself in the head and said, "Oh no!" Since the self-checkout is right next to the service desk, the manager heard me and asked what happened, and said he'd take care of it. He took my receipt and figured it out while I rang up my second ton of tomatoes, which went perfectly. Both times I got the $10.

So, altogether with this promotion I bought:

34 cans diced tomatoes
2 cans tomato sauce
13 cans Chef Boyardee
3 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers
5 Marie Callender tv dinners
6 Marie Callender pot pies (due to the one extra the checkers insisted I get for free)
2 boxes Swiss Miss hot cocoa
2 cans Reddi Whip

On all that, I spent, I dunno, $15 bucks after catalinas? Most of the cash spent was on the Chef Boyardees, which were not the best deal but my husband has been asking for them. I would have bought even more cans of tomatoes had I more time and energy -- they were $2 a dozen after cats and how can you ever have too many cans of diced tomatoes?

I was actually relieved to see that there was no new catalina deal in the Jewel flyer this week. I am too exhausted!