Friday, November 7, 2008

Amazon Baby Discounts: Breast Pump, Babyproofing

Amazon is having a baby sale every weekend in November. Here are some of the 70% off or more discounts:

The First Years electric breast pump, $19.95, regular $88.

Mommy's Helper Safe Plate -- this is one of those covers for outlets you need to use on a regular basis. Those plastic things you stick in the outlet are a bitch to pull out every time you want to plug something in. It's $2.90, regular price $16.99.

First Response Easy Read Ovulation Tests Kit Tests -- I obviously don't need these, but if you do, this is a pack of 14 tests for $12.95. Regular price = $55.30. It says they're bulk packaged, not in a retail box and with no instructions. They have free shipping, but are not eligible for Amazon Prime.

HOWEVER, if you wanted to use your Prime membership, maybe to upgrade them to overnight shipping at $3.99, you can pay $3 more and buy them through this link instead. Apparently the company offers both their own shipping and Amazon fulfillment, at different prices.