Thursday, November 20, 2008

$4/$20 Beauty Purchse in My In-Box

Naturally, I got this coupon for my mom's account, the one I WASN'T planning to use this week because it has only 5ECBs. Oh well, maybe I'll do the L'Oreal deal with that card instead, now that I have this. If there are any left.

And, double doh, about 6ECBs on my other account expired yesterday. Hopefully I'll be able to use them later today anyway. Jewel has been distracting me too much from CVS!


Helen said...

naturally I got a $10 off $50 yesterday from the machine...expires Wednesday. grrr. gimme something good to use on Thanksgiving! haha

Becky said...

Where's MIIINE? whine whine whine. I'm thinking about going back in to look one more time for the L'Oreal. But I am not expecting to find it.

Annie's Antics :-) said...

I ALWAYS get a $10/$50 when I scan my card! It's such pressure trying to work it ;) LOL!

All the stores near me (southwest Chicago) have had plenty of Loreal, which is surprising considering they're usually fairly picked over by mid-week.

I didn't get a $4/20 email. Hmph!

Mandy said...

My $4/$20 says it's good through Dec. 4! I'll combine it will all of the great Thanksgiving sales.