Thursday, October 2, 2008

Woman's Day Money Column: Stop the Energy Drain

The Nov. 1 Woman's Day addresses an issue near to my heart this week, as an early season chill has already descended: Keeping energy costs down.

I consider myself well-read on the topic of saving energy (the main point being excruciatingly simple: Keep the thermostat down!). But they had a couple tips I hadn't heard before, or had been wondering about:

1) Limit winter use of exhaust fans. The article quotes Habitat for Humanity in saying that a bathroom exhaust fan can expel an entire house's warm air in ONE HOUR. So if you accidentally leave the bathroom fan on while you're at work all day, imagine how much fuel you are wasting. (What I would like to know is a recommendation minimum for how long to leave the fan on to prevent bathroom mildew. Then again, that's not such a problem around here in winter.)

2) A PC plugged in (or connected to a power strip switched on) 24/7 can cost an extra $212 a year. Maybe this will finally get the hubs to let me power off his computer each night!


Melissa said...

wow 2 amazing tips I've never heard or seen! thanks!