Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What We Ate on That -- 10/8 - 10/14

I took a huuuuuge turkey soup out of the freezer this week, so between that and the remaining pumpkin dishes, I felt like I didn't need to cook much. Yay.


lunch: leftovers

dinner: turkey/broccoli soup from the freezer and pumpkin rolls

dessert: pumpkin pie


breakfast: pumpkin pie, pumpkin rolls

lunch: leftover takeout my parents left

snack: smoothies (banana, yogurt, orange juice, pumpkin, ground flax seed)

dinner: turkey soup from the freezer, pumpkin rolls, leftover takeout my parents left, leftover split peas with barley


breakfast: peanut butter and jelly toast, leftover smoothies

lunch: out with friends, Epu had turkey soup, pumpkin rolls and a pear

snack: cereal, Yogos, leftovers

dinner: Italian sausages on buns, asparagus

dessert: popcorn


lunch: MORE turkey/broccoli soup

snack: chips and dip (Epu's parents brought)

dinner: roast duck with bacon, broccoli, organic potatoes and squash/carrot soup from a carton


breakfast: sausage (Epu's parents brought), bacon, eggs, cereal

lunch: leftovers

dinner: pizza at a friend's house (we brought homemade bread)


breakfast: don't remember

lunch: cheese and crackers, broccoli, canned soup, leftovers

dinner: Popeye's (Columbus Day special) and homemade cole slaw


breakfast: apples,
lunch: leftover Popeye's
dinner: homemade lasagna


Dr. Mom said...

I am going to try to make your pumpkin rolls. They sound great!